Find what people food can cats eat and it's not dangerous to them.

Can Cats Eat Rice ?

There are different types of rice and this makes it possible for cats to get different offers. Many homeowners want to give cats rice but they need to know the correct way to prepare it. Some have the brown rice and this is one of the best whole meal products, which the pet can have. However, you do not need to have loads of oil or spices in order to prepare it. This is one of the best offers in the market but you need to know the best option on the preparation process. You need to start with the online channels to get the best recipes.

2 Responses to Can Cats Eat Rice ?

  • Racine says:

    I was wondering if they could eat this because a stray feral cat that frequents our yard ate a mixture of brown & white rice I put out for her, and then she promptly upchucked the contents of her stomach: a small frog, several insects, and a baby vole. I felt bad because the wild-caught food was probably her meal that night, and probably had better nutritional value.

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  • Penny says:

    I do give it to them but I mix it with either tuna or some other canned meat or canned cat food and always mix it with dry cat food too, and mix WELL. So the rice is just a “filler” or an “extender” of sorts. These are outdoor cats so I’m just stretching the little bit of canned cat food I can get.

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